Testit 2021

Will I be able to access the presentations after the conference?

Absolutely! We will retreive the presentations from the speakers. Shortly following the conference we will send you a link to access them all, should you want to refresh your memory on learnings from the sessions at a later point! 


How does it work with the three tracks?

To enable every participant to tailor their experience to what they are most interested in, we have chosen to offer three different sessions in parallel for three timeslots during the day. During this time you simply attend whichever session you want! We do however recommend, if there is a session for Track 2 or 3 you really want to attend, to try and arrive early to secure yourself a spot. This since these rooms have limited capacity. Keynotes, opening/closing ceremony and breaks are shared by all participants. Each session will end around 10 minutes early so there will be plenty of time to move between rooms.


In which language will the conference be held?

We want Testit to be as accessible as possible, for this reason we aim to hold the conference as much as possible in English, including the sessions and other participant information. There is the possibility of some singular track session being held in Swedish, in this case it would be clearly stated in the programme both on this site and at the event. Our Testit staff however speaks both Swedish and English(and a few more bonus languages!) so you can always feel free to contact us via phone, email or during the event in either language you prefer.


How do I best get to the conference?

The conference will be held at Sankt Gertrud located at Östergatan 7B, 211 25 in Malmö. The venue is only a five minutes walk from Malmö Central station to which you can connect with train or bus, and right outside is also a Malmö by Bike parking(nmbr 006). If you are arriving by car central Malmö offers a large amount of parking options, for example Caroligaraget. Traveling in by air is also convenient with Kastrup Airport only being 25 minutes trainride away from Malmö central station. If you are staying the night there are several nice hotels nearby. Don't hesitate to contact us for recommendations!


Is prior knowledge, or access to any specific software or hardware required?

A big focus for our conference is to make it both accessible and interesting for professionals of all different specialities and experience levels! One part of this it through offering three different tracks, so three different sessions running in parallel, all with different focuses. Through this you are able to tailor your day to your personal taste and interest, attending the sessions you wish. The conference as a whole is created with a focus on testing, but there are always some session with a broader focus on IT, management or other associated areas which means that other IT professionals can also attend the conference!

In case prior knowledge, specific skills, devices or software is required to attend a session this will be clearly stated in the session abstract - on our page as well as in the program. If no requirements are stated it is appropriate for anyone to attend, and you need only bring yourself!


What payment options are available?

We offer both secure payment through Paypal, in this case you pay during registration, and invoice. If you select invoice as your payment option your invoice will be sent to you after the conference. Make sure to enter the correct data within invoice information for this option, or contact us in case of any changes or questions.


I have special food requirements, will I be offered food at the conference?

Certainly! Plenty of nice and as far as possible locally produced and ecological food will be provided during the conference for all participants. We will be serving breakfast, lunch, afternoon fika and ofcourse coffee, tea and water throughout the day. In case you have any allergies or other food preferences, make sure to enter this in the section with the same name during registration. If you have missed to enter this information, or have any additions, contact us at


We are several from my company who wants to attend the event. Do you offer any group discounts?

We sure do! If you are 5 or more you will be able to select the Group ticket during registration, to a reduced price for each attendee. Make sure to register early and grab the Early bird version of the Group ticket for an even further reduction. On Eventbrite you need to register together in order to select this ticket option.

If you are as many as 15 or more you will get an even further reduced price! In this case simply contact us at and we will handle your group registration and provide these special prices for you.


What is it like to attend the Testit conference?

Our vision is that the conference can be both an educative and inspiring place, where participants and presenters can share ideas and develop together – all in one day! The sessions are carefully selected to suit testers and other IT professionals with various specializations and knowledge levels. With the venue, entertainment, competitions and other activities we try to offer not just knowledge and skills, but an exciting meeting place and a day you can walk away from filled with new inspiration and motivation. If you want to get some glimpses of how this looks you can find videos from previous years conferences here!


I haven't received my invoice yet, what do I do?

The invoices will be sent out shortly after the event. By default, we will send them over email. In case you want to receive a physical invoice instead you can simply let us know during registration or over email. If you have not received your invoice in the weeks following the event, or you need to receive the invoice earlier, please contact us.


I'm having trouble registering to the event.

No problem! You are most welcome to contact us at and we are happy to handle your registration.


I'd like to be a speaker at Testit!

Wonderful! We are always accepting speaker admissions at Please send us your name, role, company, title, abstract and type of session you would like to hold. We will consider your session for future Testit conferences! In case you have any questions regarding speaker submission or what it's like to be a speaker at our event feel free to reach out to us.


I don't want to be captured on photo or film taken for the conference, what do I do? 

We will have fantastic photographer and filmmaker Mattias Axelsson onsite to capture this special day. The footage will be saved internally, and some if it used for future marketing of the conference. As a participant of the conference there's a chance a glimpse of you will be captured in this footage. If you don't want to material of you to be saved and used for marketing, simply let us know at We will do our best to keep you out of frame while we are filming during the day, and make sure to remove you from the footage we save for future use.


I have questions related to Covid

Detailed information regarding handling, cancellation and refunds can be found under Our promise (Covid information) of this page. We have also created a short overview in videoform here below. We have additionally chosen to take a number of steps on our end - it is important that you feel safe and comfortable attending the conference! We will offer masks for all participants who want it, hand sanitizer will be available at several places at the venue, the Testit crew will wear masks at registration and at several stations, speaker evaluations can be handed in at a distance and time between sessions have been extended to 10 minutes to allow everyone to move between the track rooms in a calm manner. 

In case you have other questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out to us via email!

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My question isn't covered in this FAQ

Please contact us at! We would be more than happy to get in touch with you and answer any questions or concerns of yours