Accelerate your management consultant career

Together we will identify and drive a positive impact of growth while delivering sustainable results. Through close, fact-based, and straightforward collaboration with our clients, we bring the best out of decision-making.

Knowit Management consultant graduate program

Do you want to work within the field of business analysis, strategy, and transformation?

Begin your journey with us in Stockholm during the autumn of 2024. The graduate tracks at Knowit Management Consulting span one year and offer you the opportunity to develop in your role as a consultant and find your area of expertise.

You will work in close collaboration with clients across various industries, broadening your knowledge and competencies. Our programs equip you with the tools to thrive as a management consultant while contributing to our clients' transformational journeys.

Driving results together

Are you a proactive, result-oriented individual who thrives on a challenge and enjoys teamwork? Expect a dynamic and fun work environment with continuous learning opportunities and the freedom to impact your development. We offer comprehensive training, mentorship, and robust support for your personal and professional development. 

We promise you

  • A structured competence development program.
  • Coaching, mentorship, and to focus on personal and professional development.
  • Project-based work with support from enthusiastic colleagues.

Two tracks

We offer two different tracks, Business Analysis or Business Transformation run by Capacent or Ascend, acquired by Knowit.

You apply to one or both depending on what you want to work with. You will only be employed in one track in the final process.

The program

  • Spans one year.
  • Full-time position, with the probationary period of six months included.
  • Based in Stockholm.


We are looking for you who
  • Have a relevant university degree such as Civil engineering, M.Sc. in Management, Business, Economics, or similarly.
  • Speak fluency in both Swedish and English.

Last day to apply is October 29th!

Apply to

Business Analysis Track, Capacent

This is the track for you if you want to drive operational efficiency, profitability programs, or commercial excellence optimization. You will primarily work with strategic and analytical projects, combined with implementations where we ensure that we achieve results together with our clients.

During your program year, you will receive education and practical work as an introduction to our areas where curiosity will take you a long way. We will provide you with the essential skills and understanding of the methodologies that make us provide value to our clients. Become part of an inclusive yet challenging culture, working with enthusiastic colleagues and given opportunities suited for your personal growth!

By joining this track, you will have the opportunity to engage with all our areas of expertise and learn more about our way of creating value.

Areas of expertise within business analysis

Working capital & Supply chain management
We focus on operational efficiency through optimization of working capital and supply chains. The goal is to create sustainable, well-functioning and efficient operations suitable to manage both internal and external factors.

Profitability programs & Management
We run profitability programs focused on improved and sustainable profitability. By creating a thorough understanding of companies' challenges and focusing on the root causes, we collaboratively achieve sustainable improvements throughout the organization.  

Strategy & Commercial excellence
We focus primarily on commercial strategy and pricing strategies as a part of achieving sustainable profitability. By reducing uncaptured potential and increasing value creation, we support our customers in finding their optimized way forward.

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Business Transformation Track, Ascend

If you want to drive business transformations this is the track for you. Together with a team you’ll help the clients create long-term impact within our four different areas of expertise. We believe you’ll grow and develop the most by working alongside your colleagues hands-on on client projects.

In addition, we’ll provide you with structured reality-based training to learn the essential skills and tools a management consultant needs. You’ll also get the opportunity to work on pro bono projects for good causes with your fellow graduates. We believe coaching, reflection and feedback are key tools for development. During the program, more experienced colleagues will coach you to help you grow in your role as management consultant, and of course, to ensure that you are having fun!

Do you want to inspire change and drive business transformation? Then you should join us!

Areas of expertise within business transformation

Business Technology  

We help companies become more product-oriented and develop capabilities to capitalize on their digital development through cloud technologies, automation, data and analytics.

Commercial Excellence

We help companies build the capabilities needed to achieve an in-depth understanding of their customers’ behaviors and needs and assist them in using insights in every customer interaction throughout the customer journey.

Business Agility

We enable companies to unleash the full potential of their employees in a fast-changing and increasingly complex world while maintaining the human-centric perspective, relying on agile leadership and steering to help clients create focus and alignment using strategic themes and time-based goals such as Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

Sustainable Business  

We help companies transform into more sustainable organizations from a societal, economic and environmental perspective through operational and strategic initiatives.

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Welcome to our business area Insight where our management consultants help organizations to develop and succeed through realizing the potential of digitalization. Our 550 management consultants are based in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.  

At Knowit our vision is to create a sustainable and humane society through digitalization and innovation. Knowit supports its clients in the digital transformation and stands out among other consultancy firms through its decentralized organization and agile work methods in client assignments. The operations are divided into four business areas – Solutions, Experience, Connectivity, and Insight – which offer services in bespoke system development, digital customer experiences, the internet of things, cloud, cybersecurity, and management consultancy. 

Knowit was founded in 1990 and has around 4,400 employees, mainly in the Nordic countries, but also in Germany and Poland. Knowit AB was introduced to the stock market in 1997, and is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Mid Cap.